At 02:01, Jun 02, 2022

Rupert said:

🤓😰😟 Hi Jayne, I've got another question regarding new articles. When I've finished making my article and removed the {{inuse}} tag, should I just leave it for boosting? Is there something else I need to do? I thought about putting it on the Article Review page, but didn't want to do that if it's going to get boosted as it is anyway. Thanks! Rupert

At 02:02, Jun 02, 2022

Rupert said:

🤓😰😟 Ohh sorry! I didn't know that tag worked here as well haha. Please ignore all that rubbish sorry.

At 08:30, Jun 02, 2022

Ananyaa said:

🤓😰😟 thanks! i will

At 12:47, Jun 02, 2022

Faith Hendrick said:

🤓😰😟 I am a helper to for wiki how please leave something on my talk page for help.

At 12:59, Jun 02, 2022

Bigbrain173638192 said:

🤓😰😟 clicked the wrong button >﹏< oops!

At 13:45, Jun 02, 2022

Victoria said:

🤓😰😟 You too! Enjoy your time offline :)

At 07:11, Jun 03, 2022

Enrico Jr Gentogaya said:

🤓😰😟 Hi Jayne, Hope everything is fine. The Article I wrote was edited, the tag is gone does it means it is publish? Thanks

At 09:03, Jun 03, 2022

WF said:

🤓😰😟 The apostrophes have changed. I always used this one. Sorry, I can't participate in the meetup. I have some exams this month! ☹️

Oops! Accidentally wrote a duplicate article: [1][2]

At 14:47, Jun 06, 2022

That1studlesbian said:

🤓😰😟 Hi Jayne, I have a question, is there a way to see old wikiHow How-To pages that I've already viewed? I need to know how so that I can overlook something I saw a while ago.

At 16:30, Jun 06, 2022

Ski said:

🤓😰😟 I was just thinking about how you had your wikiBirthday this weekend! Congrats on 3 years! :)

🤓😰😟 Hey JayneG!

Do you remember the first day you started editing?

Well, it just so happened that I remembered for you.

So...Happy wikiBirthday! :)

Thanks for helping to make wikiHow what it is today.

At 20:36, Jun 06, 2022

Kim G said:

🤓😰😟 Hi Jayne,

🤓😰😟 I hope you are doing well. Would you mind reviewing Make the Most of Your Public Library when you get a chance?

🤓😰😟 Thanks,

🤓😰😟 Kim G

At 10:56, Jun 08, 2022

Ahmad Dan Hamidu said:

🤓😰😟 Re: How to Convert to Islam for Marriage

🤓😰😟 I'm a Muslim (Alhamdulillah for that) and I'm not ok with where the you and the two co-authors of the article mentioned the following:

🤓😰😟 "If you’re marrying a Muslim, it’s best to follow whatever their interpretation of Muslim law is. Their community may have certain expectations, and your potential spouse is better equipped to understand them."

🤓😰😟 As much as the you three are trying to be as objective as possible, I feel that the statement "it’s best to follow whatever their interpretation of Muslim law is" is inappropriate because it implies that it's ok for Muslims in different places to feel free to have their own interpretations of Sharia (Islamic law). This is wrong because the only interpretation of Sharia that matters is that of Allah Azwajal and that of His last Prophet/Messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam.

🤓😰😟 It is BINDING/MANDATORY for Muslims to carefully understand and live by the Sharia as it has been established by Allah Azwajal and Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam and not by how any Muslim thinks or feels it should be done. I still thank you three on the write-up because it is a great piece.

At 11:46, Jun 08, 2022

Victoria said:

🤓😰😟 Hi Jayne! Is there a reason why this article is in the "Writing" Category? Since it seems that a wikiHaus Staff account put it there, I wanted to check in about it before I moved it to the correct category.

At 09:10, Jun 09, 2022

Rupert said:

🤓😰😟 Hi Jayne, I hope you enjoyed your wikibreak, and happy wikiBirthday!!!:)

🤓😰😟 I noticed that Ahmad posted on your talk page just recently, and I wanted to let you know of some details about what they're talking about. The original message is here, as well as some further details on my talk page, and Ahmad's. I hope you can help Ahmad more than I was able to:)

🤓😰😟 Btw, you can ignore my previous message about boosting, I've got it figured out:)

At 17:16, Jun 09, 2022

ICGIL said:

🤓😰😟 Late message but congrats on three years :)

🤓😰😟 Patrolling edits for the average wikiHow reader (Click on this tag to see who I am!) (talk) 17:16, 9 June 2022 (GMT)

At 22:14, Jun 09, 2022

Preston Arsement said:

🤓😰😟 Hi Jayne, I was asking for the password on the NAB practice test on Google forms Thank you in advance!

At 22:22, Jun 09, 2022

Preston Arsement said:

🤓😰😟 happy wikiBirthday this weekend! Congrats on 3 years! :) ! ...Happy wikiBirthday! :)

🤓😰😟 Thanks for helping to make wikiHow what it is today.

At 10:27, Jun 10, 2022

Zygomatt said:

🤓😰😟 Did I really procrastinate on the community member widget until the day Jayne is supposed to come back?

🤓😰😟 Did I also really procrastinate on the meetup survey form?
Also yes.

🤓😰😟 Am I really getting these done at 3:27 am on June 10th, aka the day Jayne comes back? hi :)

🤓😰😟 Meet Matt, a volunteer editor from Canada who has been active in the wikiHow community for over 11 years.

Why do they contribute to wikiHow? "I've been fascinated by the collaborative power of wikis since 2007. There's something amazing about working with people from all over the world, people with different backgrounds and life experiences. On wikiHow, we come together to achieve one common goal: to educate. Throughout my time on here, I've gained trust, respect, and even genuine real-world friendships. I never would have thought that making an account on a website and being a part of an online community would be such a rewarding experience that's impacted my life on so many levels. So after 11 years as a wikiHowian, you think I'm going to stop here? Not a chance."

Their advice to new editors: "Stick with it. We all know it can be hard to know what to do when you're first starting out. If you think wikiHow is like Wikipedia... it's not. Over there, you might get overwhelmed by complicated guidelines and butt heads with other people because your edit went against their policies. But over here, we have one of the friendliest communities anywhere on the internet, and we try our best to create a supportive, open environment where it's easy to get involved. So don't be afraid to make an edit and ask for help when you need to. As long as you're open to learning how things work around here, I can guarantee you'll have the same positive and impactful experience I've had."

🤓😰😟 Hope you've had an amazing adventure!

At 11:21, Jun 10, 2022

Will Ross said:

🤓😰😟 Hey! I have been talking to a few others, and I have been practicing, so I feel confident to start patrolling recent changes again. If you could give back permission to do so, I feel I could help contribute :)

At 14:20, Jun 10, 2022


🤓😰😟 I am so happy to be here this my dream to sing and act i

At 15:05, Jun 10, 2022

Cbailey19 said:

🤓😰😟 Hey can you check out my article How to do the rockabilly stroll to see if it needs more editing or references? Also, can you ask wikihow visual to put some animated pictures in there too?

At 16:53, Jun 10, 2022

Whitney Hutsell said:

🤓😰😟 thank you so much

At 17:53, Jun 10, 2022

OreoCookie said:

🤓😰😟 Oh sorry

At 19:17, Jun 10, 2022

Ski said:

🤓😰😟 Welcome back! How was the trip? :)

At 19:35, Jun 10, 2022

Ski said:

🤓😰😟 Hi! I'm doing great - we're actually leaving on our own trip this weekend! :)

At 19:46, Jun 10, 2022

Coinflip said:

🤓😰😟 Hi JayneG, no problem for joining your community, as I explored, I did check out the tour to learn more about wikiHow, i'll check out the topic greenhouse tool. i'll leave a message on your talk page if I have any questions. i'm glad to know you'd be happy to help!

At 19:49, Jun 10, 2022

Rose said:

🤓😰😟 Hey Jayne! Can you send part two of the booster test? Thanks!

By the way, happy you're back!

At 19:52, Jun 10, 2022

Rose said:

🤓😰😟 Awesome!

🤓😰😟 I go by the EST timezone, which do you go by so I know about what time that will be :)?

At 19:53, Jun 10, 2022

Ski said:

🤓😰😟 Thanks!

At 19:54, Jun 10, 2022

Rose said:

🤓😰😟 Ok, thanks! That will be 9-10pm for me. Thanks!

At 19:58, Jun 10, 2022

Coinflip said:

🤓😰😟 hi, so do you know what to do when someone adds a link but they don't add anything else?

At 20:03, Jun 10, 2022

GB742 said:

🤓😰😟 Welcome back, hope your (almost) week off was good :)

At 20:42, Jun 10, 2022

Rose said:

🤓😰😟 Hey Jayne!! I was wondering.....

What is part 2 of the test based on?

🤓😰😟 (If that's supposed to be a secret that's ok too!!)

At 20:49, Jun 10, 2022

Ski said:

🤓😰😟 So I submitted a couple accidental mistakes on that article title change form - what I meant was I think it should be Test a Water Heater Element (no hot) - what do you think? :)

At 21:35, Jun 10, 2022

Ski said:

🤓😰😟 Yeah, thinking about it they probably do use that when they Google. Thanks! :)

At 22:32, Jun 10, 2022

Preston Arsement said:

🤓😰😟 Thank you I will remove the password from my talk page.

At 23:32, Jun 10, 2022

Rose said:

🤓😰😟 Hello! Two questions about the test:

🤓😰😟 1: Does 'Subsections' mean parts and methods, or the bullet points in a step?

🤓😰😟 2: Do I have to get everything right?

At 23:47, Jun 10, 2022

Rose said:

🤓😰😟 Sent one :)!

At 23:58, Jun 10, 2022

Arnold Silveira said:

🤓😰😟 thank you,trying to program my xfinity remote to my 6disk changer panasonic, all speakers arent working somebody told me remote and program 6 disk changer.

At 00:07, Jun 11, 2022

Arnold Silveira said:

🤓😰😟 thanks

At 01:46, Jun 11, 2022

Doris said:

🤓😰😟 Thanks

At 02:48, Jun 11, 2022

Victoria said:

🤓😰😟 Thanks, Jayne! I figured it was incorrect but I wanted to check in before I changed it (thank you for getting the category changed). Also, welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your time offline.

At 03:18, Jun 11, 2022

Rupert said:

🤓😰😟 Thanks for your kind words Jayne, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, nature is so beautiful:)

At 12:48, Jun 11, 2022

Rose said:

🤓😰😟 Hey Jayne! Just wondering, when are you doing the next community achievements of the week post?

At 13:41, Jun 11, 2022

WikiVY said:

🤓😰😟 Hi Jayne,

🤓😰😟 I wish you a very Happy wikiBirthday. How do you feel after completing a few years on wikiHow? I love having you as our friendly community manager. 💐 How have you been? :)

At 14:09, Jun 11, 2022

ICGIL said:

🤓😰😟 No problem! I just finished a vacation and I’m ready for to get back into patrolling :)

🤓😰😟 Patrolling edits for the average wikiHow reader (Click on this tag to see who I am!) (talk) 14:09, 11 June 2022 (GMT)

At 17:03, Jun 11, 2022

Victoria said:

🤓😰😟 Hi again Jayne. I happened to notice this edit in RC Patrol. While technically the user did remove something added by wikiHow staff, the subtitle didn’t seem correct for this particular article, unless I’m missing something. I skipped the edit since I didn’t want to interfere with a Staff Test or revert back the subtitle if it wasn’t the right one. Would someone from the wikiHaus be able to take a look at the article?

At 17:48, Jun 11, 2022

Aasim said:

🤓😰😟 I am doing summer classes so I can finish university faster than what it typically takes for my dual major (4.5 years). This would allow me to finish in four.

🤓😰😟 (Also I forgot which responses I sent - can you email me back what I sent that was a nice idea?)

🤓😰😟 Aasim (talk) 17:48, 11 June 2022 (GMT)

At 18:35, Jun 11, 2022

Kim G said:

🤓😰😟 Looking forward to the online meetup.

At 22:25, Jun 12, 2022



You got complimented for being awesome!

Feel free to move {{Awesome2}} to your user page if you want.



At 22:48, Jun 12, 2022

Kim G said:

🤓😰😟 Hello, Jayne,

🤓😰😟 When you get a chance would you mind reviewing the edits I made to Be-Dark-Academia? I would also suggest changing the title to something like How to Adopt the Dark Academia aesthetic. TIA

🤓😰😟 Kim G